The Floyd Utility Set

The table designed for city living. The Floyd Utility Set ships to your door for free, it’s simple to assemble and will last between all those apartment moves. We’re re-thinking the table by providing you with the essentials for that desk or dining room table you’ve always wanted. The Floyd Utility Set comes with 4 solid steel corner legs and 2 cross-bracing straps, allowing you to create a table from any flat surface :)

The floyd utility set kit desktop

Simple Assembly

The floyd utility set assembly

Choosing Your Surface

The strength and stability of your Floyd table greatly depend on the size, thickness, weight, and type of surface material. We do not recommend using glass or other brittle materials for a surface material. Keep these factors in mind when choosing your surface material. The Floyd Utility Set is for heavily utilized surfaces such as a dining table, display table, work desk, ping-pong table, etc.

The floyd utility set surface spectrum


The Floyd Utility Set is manufactured at a number of factories in Detroit and Akron. It’s made from US-sourced, pretensioned steel allowing for consistent quality across production. At Floyd, product design begins with understanding the manufacturing processes of our partners. The Floyd Utility set is produced from tried-and-true processes paired with advanced technologies.