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The Floyd Leg - 16"


Simple assembly.

The floyd leg 16 assembly

Product Details

  • Choosing Your Surface
    • What to Look For?

      The strength and stability of your Floyd table greatly depend on the size, thickness, weight, and type of surface material. We do not recommend using glass or other brittle materials for your surface. Keep these factors in mind when choosing your surface material. the Floyd Leg 16” is optimal for light to medium-use surfaces, such as a coffee table. We do not recommend using The Floyd Leg 16” as a bench.

  • Recommended Specs
    • Thickness

      The maximum thickness is 1.875" (~4.76 cm).

    • Weight

      The maximum weight the legs support, including the surface is 75 lbs (~34 kg).

    • Size

      The diagonal length should not exceed 56" (~142 cm).